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Ausstellung 10.12.2016 - 15.1.2017 Galerie Ilayda, Istanbul

"German artist Volker März has over the years held shows in many parts of the world including Berlin, Paris, Miami, Amsterdam, Zürich, Madrid, Moscow, Prague, Tel Aviv and Istanbul. Known for his sculptures presented at group shows and art fairs, the artist creates ironic and provocative works. März dedicates his works to known figures including Nietzsche, Bruno, Benjamin, Bataille, Sloterdijk, Arendt and features prominent characters such as Joseph Beuys, Pina Bausch, Franz Kafka in alternative scenarios. Positioning himself on the intersection of art and philosophy, he criticizes the current human condition, comparing it to the past by means of an ironic, humorous and entertaining language.

Made of various materials, his human and animal figures, imaginary characters and installations spreading around gallery spaces all represent justice, hope and freedom in a quite ambiguous and incoherent manner. These are not single sculptures but rather complete figure-stories based on März’s own texts. The show “It’s time to paint flowers again” presents a cross-section from works created over the last two years."

Galerie Ilayda, Istanbul

Interview mit Volker März zur Ausstellung (engl.)

Interview mit Volker März zur Ausstellung (türk.)